TLX is a membership program that offers exclusive discounts on luxurious travel and lifestyle experiences, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, events, and festivals.

TLX is a membership program focused on travel and lifestyle that offers significant discounts on luxurious hotels, resorts, restaurants, events, and festivals. The TLX booking website operates on a monthly subscription basis and allows members to book 4-5 star accommodation at discounted rates. These discounts can be as high as 60%, making TLX an attractive option compared to other booking portals.

In addition to discounts on hotels, resorts, and restaurants, this travel package also includes discounts on car and yacht rentals, as well as anytime trips at exceptional discounts. TLX also offers vacations with a focus on preserving nature and making a positive impact on the world. For members, there is an annual free trip for two people, which includes 4 days and 3 nights at a 4 or 5-star location, valued at over $2000.

As an added bonus, TLX also offers the opportunity for members to promote the program and earn additional passive income as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). Overall, TLX is a comprehensive travel package that offers a wide range of discounts and experiences for those interested in luxury travel and lifestyle.

What is the cost of the subscription?

First enrolement : $149.95
Monthly enewal fee : $124.95 ( cancel at any time )
7 day money back guarantee


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Website : Official enrolement to start with TLX travel and lifestyle experience
More information about enrollement: How te start with TLX Travel Discounts portal