The IM Mastery Academy offers a variety of training and education programs for individuals looking to learn about internet marketing and digital entrepreneurship.

These packages include:

Learning Academies

Learning academies that provide the skills and knowledge to succeed in markets, empowering individuals to become self-sufficient and pursue their passions and purpose in life.

Live mentorship

Gain access to specialized goLIVE training from seasoned educators dedicated to your success, and boost your growth while striving for excellence.


Enhance your education and guidance by implementing straightforward yet effective techniques that facilitate a better comprehension of the financial markets.


What are the academies and products offered by the IM Mastery Academy?

I joined the Community “Family” and have been blown away by the support and resources provided to its members. As a student, the Discord and WhatsApp groups have been especially helpful in connecting with other like-minded individuals and sharing knowledge and experiences.

The monthly events covering topics such as mindset, trading, and network marketing have been incredibly valuable in helping me develop my skills and grow as a person. The 2 annual 3-day conventions are a great opportunity to meet and learn from other members of the community in person.

One of the best things about being a part of this community is being part of a global group of over 3800 members (Belgium & The netherlands only). This allows for a wide range of perspectives and experiences to be shared, which has been incredibly enriching.

Being a part of the INNOVATORSCLUB has also been a fantastic experience. The focus on learning, earning, and networking has provided me with valuable skills and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Overall, I am extremely grateful to be a part of the DE Community “Family” and am constantly inspired and motivated by the support and guidance of my fellow members. I highly recommend joining this community for anyone looking to work on their personal growth and development.

Here are some links to Youtube to give you an idea about the community.

3 day conventions

Upcomming march 2023 in Rotterdam


What are the academies and products offered by the IM Mastery Academy?


Welcome to the most effective way to save on your education if you’re unsure which academy to choose. Our exclusive cost-saving option allows you to select any two of the FRX, DCX, TBX, ECX, SFX, and TLX academies at the lowest possible rate. Try it today and discover why it’s one of the most popular academies to join.

DCX Academy | Crypto | Digital Currencies

Obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively participate in the digital currency market – a rapidly expanding financial sector that is projected to reach $1 trillion USD. This market operates around the clock, influencing the way businesses and merchants that accept digital currencies conduct their operations. By learning about the operations of this market, the various types of digital currencies, and how to securely use digital currencies on a daily basis, you can position yourself to take advantage of this unique and constantly evolving market.

FRX Academy | Forex | Foreign Currencies

This academy will provide you with the skills to fully utilize the foreign exchange market, which has a daily turnover of $5.3 trillion. The courses will cover topics such as understanding currency movements, various chart analysis techniques, the workings of foreign markets, and effective strategies for entering trades in the forex market.

SFX Academy | Stocks | Stock markets

In SFX, you will be taught how to trade various types of securities in the stock market, including individual stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs). In addition to stocks, you will also learn about the futures markets, including the option of starting with microfutures contracts as a low-risk way to enter the market. You will be able to analyze and trade a range of futures products, including stock index futures, precious metals, energy commodities, currencies, and agricultural products like soybeans and wheat. Some of the benefits of participating in SFX include learning multiple trading methods, including the use of Fibonacci time and price analysis, and gaining skills in analyzing both the price and time axis of the market for informed buy and sell decisions.

TBX Academy | Time based trading courses

Does the academy provide confidence in successfully navigating fast-paced, high frequency markets that involve various currencies, indices, bonds, metals, and stocks?

ECX Academy | Learn how to make a webshop with dropshipping

ECX Academy is designed for all levels of eCommerce experience, from beginners to experts. Our goal is to help you take advantage of the massive $9 trillion eCommerce market. Inside ECX Academy, you’ll learn how to create a store, sell popular and in-demand products without needing inventory, run effective ads on Facebook and Instagram, track and analyze your growth, and continually scale your business.

The online shopping and eCommerce industry is rapidly growing, and this trend is expected to continue over the next decade. Our daily GoLive education sessions give you access to a team of experienced, multilingual mentors who are available to assist you seven days a week. Imagine having your own personal coaches helping you succeed every day.

Join the ECX community and learn how to profit from other people’s passions to fund your business.

SMX Academy | Social Media academie

This academy will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful social media influencer.

MMX Academy | Empower yourself with the right mindset to become a more successful person.

How can mindset education empower you to achieve greater success and improve your overall well-being in life?

Mindset education can empower you to achieve greater success and improve your overall well-being in life by teaching you how to develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset is the belief that you can continuously learn and improve, rather than believing that your abilities are fixed and cannot be changed. This mindset allows you to approach challenges and failures with a positive attitude, seeing them as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks.

Overall, mindset education can empower you to achieve greater success and improve your overall well-being by teaching you how to develop a growth mindset, which can help you approach challenges and failures with a positive attitude, leading to increased confidence, resilience, and determination.

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