Review of FRX Academy and IM Mastery Academy: A online Forex Education Platform.

I enrolled in IM Mastery Academy’s FRX Pack™ program and have been extremely impressed with the level of education and support provided. The educational videos on basic concepts in the Forex market were extremely helpful in understanding the industry and the daily GoLive sessions with top traders allowed me to see firsthand how professionals approach the market. The detailed video course on chart analysis and use of strategies was particularly beneficial, as it taught me how to interpret different currency movements and provided me with a variety of strategies to enter into transactions in the forex market.

In addition to the educational resources, the FRX Pack™ program also includes tools and scanners that have been incredibly useful in my trading journey. Having a personal coach to guide me along the way has also been invaluable, as they have provided me with personalized advice and support.

One of the standout features of this academy is the community aspect. As a member, I have access to Discord and WhatsApp groups with other students, as well as monthly events on mindset, trading, and network marketing. The annual 3-day conventions have also been a great opportunity to connect with other members and learn from industry experts.

Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with my experience with IM Mastery Academy’s FRX Pack™ program. The variety of strategies taught, including Vibrata, Goldcup, IMpulse scanner, levels, Harmonics, Pivots, Steady, Delorean, and Bounceback, have given me the tools and knowledge to succeed in the forex market. The support and guidance of the community and personal coach have also been invaluable in my trading journey. I would highly recommend this academy to anyone interested in learning about and entering into the forex market.

What is the cost of the subscription?

First enrolement : $249.95
Monthly enewal fee : $184.95 ( cancel at any time )
7 day money back guarantee

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